Coronavirus—we will get through this difficult time!

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the tourist industry. The timeshare capital of the world, central Florida, is likely suffering more than any other region in the world, especially in an economy that is dependent on tourists and attractions like Disney World (the number one employer in central Florida), Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld. All of the parks have been closed until further notice. Of course, all of that causes a domino effect on other related industries; i.e., hotel, restaurant and entertainment industry. Yes the economy has tanked, joblessness exists because of furloughs and temporary terminations, and we must maintain social distancing to stop the spread. Life is not what anyone wants it to be right now, but let’s regard all of this as short-lived. The economy just before the pandemic was robust, and there is no reason to believe that it will not be again, once COVID-19 is past us. In fact, tourism and needing to be somewhere else other than home will explode. Make those future plans for the resort of your dreams, buy that timeshare, and rent out your timeshare. People will be clamoring to return to normal again—and it just may be everyone at once! The travel industry will endure, vacation time will remain as important as ever, and we will get through this difficult time.


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