The timeshare industry

The timeshare industry doesn't share as much limelight as the hotel industry, but it's just as big when it comes to its impact on Central Florida and Las Vegas, both major timeshare destinations. The Orlando area’s 87 resorts, which represent more than 29,857 timeshare units, are responsible for more than $6.4 billion in local economic impact in 2015, according to ARDA (American Resort Development Association). The industry in Orlando employs 45,236 workers with 24,649 direct jobs and 20,587 indirect. The timeshare industry is a vital part of the region's ability to accommodate tourists, which last year, had a record 66 million visitors. Orlando is the timeshare capital of the world and Las Vegas is the second largest timeshare market in the USA. According to ARDA, the Las Vegas timeshare industry generated $436 million in spending in 2015 with 16,861 jobs and $867 million in labor income. Orlando’s collected taxes from the timeshare industry amounted to $502 million and the Las Vegas timeshare industry generated $148 million in collected taxes. As opposed to hotels, timeshares tend to cater to longer stays ranging from a week or longer and welcoming many repeat tourists. In fact, spending from the typical timeshare family of four is $2,236 or a total of $1.2 billion total in 2015.


Timeshares By Owner

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