Timeshare Exit Company

Another timeshare exit company is in trouble with federal authorities. Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates along with the Timeshare Exit Team (Reid Hein & Associates) have been ruled against by a judge for the United States District Court Middle District of Florida Orlando Division in a case brought forward by Westgate Resorts. In the summary judgment ruling, the judge stated, “Mr. Sussman’s letters informing timeshare owners they successfully exited are objectively deceptive.” The court also stated that, “Contrary to what owners were told, stopping payments does not effectuate a timeshare exit,” which is a tactic the court says many companies and individuals in the timeshare exit industry attempt to use. The court found that owners were told to stop all communication with their timeshare company while the exit company kept them in the dark about the status of their timeshare. The final insult comes when the exit company tells the owners they are out of their timeshare, only to find out later that was false, leaving many of the owners in a worse situation with damaged credit, facing a foreclosure and no refund of the fees they paid to the exit company.  The court, in its order, not only ruled against Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates, but broadened its statement to include other exit industry players, such as the Timeshare Exit Team (Reed Hein & Associates), a self-proclaimed ‘exit’ company.


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