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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just announced that it has shut down Pro Timeshare Resales of DeLand and Flagler Beach through a federal court order. Pro Timeshare Resales allegedly duped timeshare owners out of $15 million and is accused of imposing substantial up-front fees based on false promises that they would sell or rent their timeshare properties. It is alleged that during the calls to timeshare owners, they falsely claimed that they had a buyer or renter ready and willing to buy or rent properties for a specific price, alluding to the fact that the sale would take place within a certain timeframe. Once a customer showed any interest, Pro Timeshare Resales charged up-front fees ranging from $500 to $2,500. The company then informed customers that they would receive a contract for the sale through an email that should be signed and immediately returned. Despite what the clients were informed, the complaint indicates that the contract had nothing to do with the sale or rental of the property, but simply allowed Pro Timeshare Resales to advertise the property for rent or sale. The FTC also claims that they continued to make false promises that the sale was imminent, including saying they would send them money from a sale or rental. In some cases, they persuaded owners to pay extra for purported closing costs or other associated fees. The FTC claims the businesses failed to sell or rent the properties and when refunds were requested, they were denied or ignored according to the complaint. With the court order, the FTC has halted the operation and defendants’ assets have been frozen. The FTC is seeking to permanently stop Pro Timeshare Resales illegal practices and return the monies to consumers.


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